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Friday, 18 December 2009

Sao Paulo wandering...

So havent put photos in recently as i left my camera in Iquitos, my pal has it so hell post it soon.

i arrived in Sao Paulo on the flight from hell...12.50 (ten to one in the morning) and a four hour flight, and 3 hour time difference, meant i basically got no sleep, so i pitched up at a random hotel at 10am, slept til 9pm, ate, checked emails, and slept again til 11am this morning. Great holiday!

Today i walked around Sao Paulo. Its a kind of city without a centre. The downtown is pretty down at heel and random. There are some quite nice squares, and i listened to some carols in the cathedral, then hung out with some homeless guys. I went to the area that 'rough guide' says is 'the seediest red light area' of SP, its called Luz. What a lot of crap. That book is as honest as a left wing government. Its a pretty normal place where you can buy (if you want to) lots of lawnmowers and building equipment ;o)

I went to the most famous street in Sao Paulo, Avenue de Paulista. It's a pretty bog standard business street with the main art gallery on it, which is small but intersting, just what you expect from a big city. Tomorrow ill meet a local freind, who'll show me i hope the 'real' city, and what differentiates Sao Paulo from everywhere else.

Most of the day i've been in a daze though, still in a post Ayhuasca state of mind, with a lot to think about. There are some truly beautiful women here, although this couldd be becuase i just got back from Peru, and i have been living as a monk for 2 weeks now :o)

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