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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Glasgow in 'Not Raining' Shock

It has emerged today that rain has not fallen in Glasgow for over ten hours. Emergency Services have been put on standby and shocked residents have been covering up and staying indoors.

In a more sinister turn, locals and conspiracy theorist alike claim to have seen a large bright orange yellow ball of fire in the sky. While this is the first time the object has been known to appear in Glasgow, it had been known to have appeared regularly in other cities, and was ominously known as 'the sun'.

Strange Days Indeed (all credit to a random website/photographer who is better than me)

The existence of 'the sun' had been previously dismissed out of hand by the majority of the local population.

 Experts claim the problem could well continue right up until about 8pm, after which rain is again forecast.
Local umbrellas salesman Hughie McHughie commented 'Aye it'll be good to be back to the rain again. People get stressed and don't know what to do when it doesn't rain. I've seen people become  disorientated, drinking alcohol, and even eating vegetables - a sight unheard of in these parts.'

Back to normal. Glasgow in the rain. Yesterday. Or was it the day before.

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