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Friday, 4 December 2009

rant about fake 'ethnic' trustafarians

The problem with poor countries with remotely interesting cultures or histories is that it attractes hordes of middle class tools who think that dressing in stripey trousers, wearing funny hats and growing beards and talking about 'indigenous people' will make them cool. If you are reading this, you are not cool people. You should get a job. You dont do any favours to the cultures you're pretending to be interested in except that you bring money to the economy because you buy drugs from them. So please cut your ponytail off and stop pretending to meditate on pyramids becuase no one beleives you. You are Charlitans, one and all and you arent even good at guitar or paan pipes ;o) I beleive we could make a country for fake 'ethnicarians' There is a part of Chad which is totally ethnic, and has not enough people. If all you guys go there and 'chill' with each other, then you could leave these poor countries alone and just send them money. And you could juggle and sell rubbish beads to each other.

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