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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ayhuasca Diaries, part 2

So here we were. 30 people sitting on mattresses all round the 3 shamans. They have crystals and other new age junk around them. God knows why, sounds daft to me. I was feeling comfy on my mattress, thinking about if I will be sick much (you vomit/diarea out 'bad energy' as the Ayhuasca 'medicine' works through you, cleaning out your soul.(

The Shamans begun to sing their 'Icaros' into small cups of Ayhuasca that we prepared earlier that day (it was in coke bottles) and one by one we all came up to take our Ayhuasca. It tasted like the vomit of a Balti Jaam drunkard. Then they put the lanterns out so it was pitch black, apart from the odd lightning from the thunderstorm outside. Nothing happened for 30 minutes, it was nice to hear the Icaros (which 'bring the spirits to the house'), and relax. After about 30 minutes people started being sick. After 45 minutes I did begin to see some colourful shapes, like tiny snakes in front of my eyes, and as i tried to focus on the icaros being sung, i was sick in the bucket. It was a horrible poisonous taste coming up. I didnt see any 'visions' at this time, except vivid colours and general pleasant feeling. I felt then, listening to the Icaros, that i needed to shit, so i went to the toilet. Things then really started to happen. I started seeing memories of me getting younger flashing through my head and, and as this happened, i felt a sharp 'squeeze' on both ends, and i puked (there are basins in all toilet cubicles) and had diarea at the same time.It felt good, and i was surrounded by helpful little snakes. I became a 4 year old child, thinking about jackanory and swop shop on TV, and felt totally happy and content, at this time, and had all the thoughts that a young child would have.

Then i was in the throat a large benign snake, sitting there, like i was in some kind of nest or womb. I kept seeing one teddy bear that i got for my second birthday from my Gran. After some further puking and shitting, i became aware of my surroundings (in darkness, on the toilet pan!) I heard a girl sobbing and making kind of sexual noises in the cubicle next door. God knows what she was going through. I felt my way out along the hallway and my back to the main room. The place was a total lunatic asylum. People were banging, making weird chicken noises, neighing like horses, and vomitting, howling like Goblins while they went. it was dark except the odd small light of a dim torch so people could see their way to the toilet. in the odd light you could somtimes see people beating their own chests, and one guy standing up gesticulting wildly. There was mostly a happy feeling and there was the odd bit of trippy laughter around.

As i sat down and setted into my pleasant experience of being a little boy, some guys behind me were now banging a lot, and one guy kept walking into the wall (which was just a flimst screen that separated the toilet area) he almost broke it down i found out the next day. both guys had to be restrained and i thought that one guy had died as there were a whole lot of attendants around him.

Now i was sweating i was in a fever, but couldnt puke much more (id puked a lot) and so i just hung out with the snakes in a very pleasant dream, and was thinking of my freinds and family in a very pleasant way, and how lucky i am really. the girl with cancer (i think it was her) kept on asking for more blankets.

ths must have gone on for 3 hours, with the odd distraction from crazy guys. The guys were much more noisy than the girls, and the americans as always more noisy than the euroeans (except me, i puked quite loudly) Anyway, now, the next mornning i feel fine and refreshed, like i had a good sauna. Im not sure why i saw begnin snakes - were they 'sprits' or a strange ayhuasca dream but it sure was interesting!

It seems many people didnt have such a nice time. The guy who walked into the walls went nuts, and has left the camp to go home. He was totally freaked out. Mr chicken noises and the other farmyard animals are still here. i found out the next day that one guy had become parylised. Some of the stories were horrific and truly terrifying, some were blissful.

heres a photo of me at the awful breakfast, already losing weight at a rate of noughts

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