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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Day 8/Day 9

This final night of Ayhuasca, i was quite relaxed. This night was mixed. I puked a bit, but saw a glimpse of heaven. I saw total clarity, and could answer every question i had with total logic and reason, my head was totally clear. This i suppose is the beginning of the next level of wisdom. There were a lot of things here that i cant put into words (at least not now) and i know the Ayhuasca is still working on me (strange though it may sound!) The main messages, that everyone has love in them, about priorities in life, about what really happens when you die, that everything is love, in some manifestation or another, that our whole lives are actually all in our mind and our daily lives are a simple construct of our minds, about the reason for being here, were truly profound and interesting. That final night i stayed in the ceremonial house, and let all the knowledge flow through me. It did give me a good hint that much better things were to come, if i ever continued with it.

At 6am i was due to break the Shamanic diet. I managed to stop shitting and doze about 5am, and at 5.40 odd we couldnt wait any longer and went up to the food house to take our salt. We each got a tablespoonful of salt to put in our mouths, and washed it around with water and spat what was left out after a minute. It was my first salt for a week, it felt great!

That day we went to Iquitos, i slept from 7pm to 7am the next day.

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