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Friday, 25 December 2009

Glasgow Christmas

Nice to be home in Glasgow for Christmas. The only city where people are really people (ok im biased) and dont spend their lives chasing stupid things. I'd like to go back and study architecture at the Charles Rennie Mackintosh school of art, although i'd doubt theyd take me unless i pay them handsomely (well could be an option! ) more likely i'll end up studying that at some random polytechnic who takes anyone.

Here are some photos of Glasgow (its St Vincent St, Glasgow Uni. and Buchanan St), and of Scotland in the winter (none of which were taken by me by the way)

For foreigners info. , i think Christmas here is much like yours. Now my brother, and sister with assorted children will arrive at my parents (where im cooped up) and its a big Christmas feed, followed by the Queens speech, and with any luck a decent James Bond film for the guys while the ladies do ladies things (whatever they are)

Tomorrow there are sales on in the shops i suppose, so the girls get their fighting gear on, and ill probably go to Loch Lomond or if feeling energetic up a hill. The views are pretty beautiful in winter.

Merry Christmas!


  1. funny :) Glasgow lookes like a romantic city (B/W picture) wow i didnt know Mackintosh was Glasgow born!! niCe holidaYs!!*

  2. Yes almost all his buildings are here ;o) ill take some photos tomorrow.