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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rio 2

So its Friday 13th today, i wonder what will happen. Here is a zombie i met today in the favella. Actually its one of many crazy looking crack heads there. I would advise you not to go to the favella(slum) with your camcorder taking photos of strange weirdos by the way. Im just stupid.
I also met a new freind in the hostel toilet today, i didnt give him a name yet as he has hundreds of brothers and sisters. (Che Lagarto, by the way, pretty good and sociable place in Copacabana) Also went up to various tourist things, like the jesus statue (check the view in the video on

Also ive made a decision regarding facial hair for the holiday (actually there is a lovely view here from Sugarloaf mountain)

Tonight well go out to Lapa for some alcohol (in fact ive started already) and well...i think i dont tell what happens, even if nothing happens ;o)

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