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Friday, 13 November 2009

Dublin, tuesday 11th November

So up at 5 for a daytrip to dublin...full fried breakfast at the kingfisher, brilliant! It was the highlight of the day except the National Gallery which had a pretty interesting Edward Munch exhibition (thanks to the girl at the door for letting me in for 3 Euros!) and one painting i like called 'conamara girl' i forgot who painted it.

Thanks also for the free haircut, Maria. The guy who took our photo...didnt. Must have too difficult to press the button so i don't have a photo ;o) but im sure ot recommend knights barbers to anyone who wants a free haircut from a cute girl (some ahem blatant free advertising there)

Theres a real recession here, loads of homless guys...heres a funny pic about 'nama' the governmentorganisation that is buying up all the bankrupt stuff (ok ok its only funny if you 1. arent bankrupt or 2. understand politica humour and 3. share my sense of humour which means there is something wrong up there.

Ok...tomorrow i go to Rio de Janeiro...!

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