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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


So that night, i went out to some local bars in San Jose for a final drink, with some fellow hostellers, although i did cheat and went to sleep for an hour before the 6.30 flight. The bar is called 'oz's by the way, its a local joint with bad food BUT it has free pool and (as i found out at the end of the night) a poker room for locals in the back, i went through for a bit of fun later, and got a bit lucky. definately a good place if you are wanting to go local' and avoiding the mainbar area.

But after two days on a bloody plane it was lovely to get back to wet and cold and dark Tallinn, where two freinds surprised me at the airport and took me for a very traditional Estonian dinner (chicken wings at Macs barbeque ;o)
This photo is taken there (its Mari-Liis pretending she is a hamster, or maybe a rabbit, although why i dont know becuase she is eating cheese fries)

No more foreign adventures for 2 weeks now, until Brasil!

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