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Friday, 9 October 2009


Right now im in Cancun, stuck for 2 days after my flight to Flores, Guatamala was cancelled. Im going to try to enjoy it here, even though im stuck in the Marriot Courtyard Hotel which is as mexican as a fish and chip shop. (but it does have a great car par view, with the beach in the far far distance)

I thought id go to a bullfight today, but it was only on yesterday, so ill forget about culture and concern myself with the beach and amusing myself that the red as lobster fat americans here actually think they are in Mexico (although to be honest they do sell Tacos)

Anyway, more to come (when i reach an interesting place!) and i hope you all enjoy! Please dont grump about by my non pc language. i will try to offend everyone fairly.

Saturday ill hit Flores, and then on to Guatamala city and Costa Rica...

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