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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

San Jose evening/morning

San Jose is a much cleaner, safer and more prosperous city than Guatamala, although still quite ugly. I wandered round downtown, bumping into numerous beggars and shady bars, until i stumbled on the (famous it turns out) 'hotel del ray' which is total carnage. Its another world, totally jam packed with drunk 60 yr old Gringos with their skanky looking hookers, but it actually has one of the only decent Poker rooms in town, so i went there and had a few coffees and dinner, and lost $200 in about an hour so decided that i was too tired for all this, and sloped back off to join the lizard...

In the morning i got a cab straight to the famous 'coca cola' bus terminal (pictured) Im not sure, by the looks of it Coca Cola should sue. One thing i noticed in San Jose is that guys with guns (ie everyone) are more cool with cheesy tourists taking photos. This policemans automatic (pic) was a pretty nice one to have in a tight situation. I chose him as he wouldnt want any cash for me taking it, cheapskate i am.

The next bus was to Jaco (pronounced Haco) The lonely planet describes it as a kind of Amsterdam on the surf and says all sorts of mealy mouthed liberal crap about the drugs and prostitution, alcohol, and gambling there. Sounds perfect! Who the hell wants to spend a holiday discussing global warming with some arsehole vegan with a beard and his whining feminist girlfriend....Mischeif awaits so on the bus i go!!!

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