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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Surfiing Jaco

After a night of Poker that ended pleasantl(read profitable) and earlyish, about 3am, i got up at 7am for a good breakfast and my first surf lesson. I was joined by two nice Norwegian girls and 3 americans who were surprisingly quite ok. Seems to me a bit like skiing, the more you do it the the better you get and the more fun it is. However i can now stand up on the board and do some little turns so we're getting there....i met an interesting guy at the poker table (its where you meet the most interesting people ;o) ) who had surfed for 20 years and told me he was still learning, so there is a long way ahead there....anyway the Jaco surf school is $40 for the morning lesson and they give you the board for the day, for those who are interested. i must admit i really enjoyed it and will do it again.

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