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Tuesday, 13 October 2009


So, not surprisingly, Jaco turns out be a pretty beautiful little town with an amazing beach and nice hotels. Either i think it must be a national holiday for the drug hooker criminal people, or else my mum was involved in writing the lonely planet guide and got carried away since she saw a homeless guy there once. Anyway, the good news is there is some nice waves for surfing so ive booked a lesson for 8.30 tomorrow am, although a bit of thunder and lightning is starting right now which is great!
I got a great room on the beach in a lovely hotel (which happens to have a casino so i can win that money back!) It also turns out the devil is stayng at my hotel, disguised as a Toucan. He knows when im about to dose off and then starts making a racket. So ill have to drink some at the poker tonight...


  1. How I miss CR! I've camped in Jaco, next to a beach bar:P

    Are you going to Arenal?

  2. cool. It has probably changed a lot, there are 6 (i counted!) new high rise blocks either going up or planned, its a shame itll ruin the cool atmosphere here.
    Re Arinal, No i wont have time this trip :o( but i was there last time when we cycled across - it was great, there is a volcanic hot springs spa bath centre, it was excellent after living in a soaking tent every day!