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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Jacos underbelly on a tuesday night..

Anyway, since the town seems such a perfect place - (all year sun, a tae kwan doe club, surfing, good food, pretty locals, beautiful national parks nearby, 3 casinos, and cheap prices)I decided to check out Jacos nightlife, since i had barely left the hotel and it was my last night. This being tuesday, everyone at the poker table said it would be dead but still, at midnight i took a walk down the main street.

Within a hundred yards i met an interesting guy selling drugs.
me - so you ony have coke and hash? what about heroin?
diego - si si i can get you that my friend.
me - ok. Im quite a heavy user. Can you get me say 2kg for tomorrow? and maybe some amphetimines too?
diego - ok take it easy amigo....

and he walked off - this is almost as good a way to get rid of these guys as speaking to them in finnish.

Anyway, i checked out one bar called 'plankton' which as the guys said it would be, was deserted, as was monkey bar (it was tuesday night) and so i kept walking (there is park on the way with some lovely transvestites just in case you are into that kind of thing) and got to a place called 'the beatle bar' which seemed to have some people in there. It was $4 entry but anyway in i went, looking for adventure. Inside it was basically dead though apart from one side of the room which was bizzarely full of hookers, with the odd big fat german looking guy with a white beard (who are these guys? what do they do? why do you only ever seen them in dodgy and poor countries like Thailand with tiny petit prostitutes? do they get paid so well as santa claus at christmas to spend the rest of the year whoring round the 3rd world?)

Well im always interested in speaking to people, especially people with interesting lifestyle choices, and so of course within 5 minutes, a dark skinned girl came up to me and started chatting. Apart from looking a bit clapped out (as hookers tend to) and pockmarked, she seemed a nice girl, intelligent with fluent english. She said she has a house in san jose and one in jaco so maybe business isnt so bad (note for girls wanting to get rich) well who knows, maybe if shed been in a different line of business, in a different universe....who knows, she probably was quite cute a few years ago. But anyway since it was obvious i was just interested in her personality she quickly moved on to look for some willing punters. Next time though, i really would like to speak to one of these smiling fat santa claus lookalikes - these happy whoremongers seem to me the most bizzare race of people. Not sure if they would be so keen to discuss their motivations and aspirations with a nosey (but genuinely interested) student of life like me though.

I surprisingly met some actually pretty decent Americans guys here. I was pretty shocked, and assumed they were Canadian but no its true. We played poker with 2 aspiring poker pros who've moved down here for the good life and to play online - good luck guys if you read this Donald and Chris ! We played with some other pretty nice old codgers and some fat Italians who were total pricks. But its good to take their money.

Tonight i will go to San Jose - my luggage is already there in storage and i will plan to stay up all night as my flight is at 8am - straight from party to the airport! I'll check out the bars and clubs, and im sure something interesting will happen. Costa Ricans are totally different from the other Central Americanos. They seem much more Spanish. The girls generally seem actually pretty, not chunky and funky like Mexicanos but - su mejor si usted habla español, de lo contrario, cree que es un gringo estúpido ;o) (its better to speak Spanish otherwise they think your some just some stupid gringo! (but i probably said it wrong)

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