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Saturday, 17 October 2009

last day (ever) in Costa Rica

So, i took one last walk around San Jose. The National theatre (in pics with me and some freindly local cleaning ladies) was build as an exact copy of the Paris Opera house. Its actually about the only decent building in the whole city, except the post office, but anyway,

Tonight ill leave at 4am, for the 6.20am flight, and about 35 hours later, unless something really daft happens, ill arrive in Tallinn. Im looking forward to a good Sauna, my own bed, and all you lovely people in Estonia, who arent so bad after all, really. I hope you dont deport me since i now look like a pakistani.

In 2 weeks ill leave again for Brazil and Peru (via that other exotic destination, Glasgow)

One girl got a bag that said this as a goodbye present...quite...lost in translation but very funny too!

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