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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Shamanic Taxi Drivers and the MTHFUE

I randomly met a taxi driver the other day, who it seems is a member of the tiny Shamanic group in Estonia. There are some Navaho Indian Shamans coming to Estonia in summer, so Piote will be on the menu, anyone interested let me know. It was a great coincidence to meet this guy, as i hope now to meet people who are interested in pushing to make these things legal in EU.

i also heard from one Estonian photographer that Estonians cant be affected by Ayahuasca becuase they are too closed people, and they cant let go of bad energy (they are too fucked up basically) Anyone have any views on that? is it possible people cannot be helped? I propose starting a new movement. The Movement to Heal Fucked up Estonians. MTHFUE. We could get EU funding. And i think definately roll that out to Finland and Latvia (especially Finland)

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