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Saturday, 13 February 2010


We approached a large flat topped mountain. A long long waterfall cascaded briliiantly off the cliffs, flashing a beautfiul rainbow. a group of squat buildings perched on the top, with a plaza in the middle, and a large building, dominating the square. As we touched down, i could see a large group of men, standing in front of the larger building, which must have used to have been a monastary of sorts. As i got out, i could see there were a few other gringos there too. What kind of people are these? tourists? I must have looked notacably nervous. I was surrounded by desperate looking flare wearing men who intented worshipping then killing my girlfreind, after all. I needed first to see her.

We were herded into one of the smaller buildings, which was a large dining hall. All the gringos were put on the same table. They looked a furtive bunch. I had to quiz the guy next to me 'how did you find out about it'? i asked the sick looking pervert, pretending i shared the same messed up ideas as him. 'yas im from ze amsterdam, we have a red hair club there. So i thought id see for myself' It was strange because he had reddish blonde hair himself. 'Nicolas' he introduced himself. 'So what part do you like the most?' i ventured. 'Vell, if the truth be told, its my first time, but i understand the girl this time is very beautiful.

I had to get X out of here alive.

We ate and drank, and the motely crue of foreign 'Rojos' chatted an joked and drank the wine...the roast pig was great, with rice and jalepenos, and the red wine was taking effect. i felt sleepy. I shouldnt have touched alcohol, but the cheesy dutch and german humour of the perverts, and the happy atmosphere...i'd let my guard down...

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