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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ayahuasca veterans ;o)

I wondered how the Ayahausca is working for the 'vets' out there from the trip? All well and good with the positive vibes within a few weeks, but now its been two months, it would be great to here some stories how people are coping back in the real world - how is it in relationships or freindships for example, do you feel people better? how to cope if yoou find yourself in the same old rut?

Although it seems like we were all at the best party in the world, the sad thing is no one else knows about it, and its pretty hard to describe satisfactorily in words as youve all im sure found out...

I personally am still getting some kind of 'direction' there strangely enough - for example im a lot more self aware - Im doing a lot more sport and am able to prioritise my life around positive things more easily. I can handle bad things more easily, and in conversation, my semi-autism seems to have lessened, and im aware how what i say may affect that person.

That said, im still going to hell ;o)

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