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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Its all about ZEN

So i've made a personal deadline that if my life doesnt become fulfilled in Estonia by end of September this year, i will move to Japan (and be unfulfilled there instead) i think living an unfulfilled life if you are as lucky as me is an enormous challenge, so i think i need to add to that by moving thousands of miles away from everyone i care for to a city where i know no one and no one speaks a word of English and the culture is totally crazy. There's something attractive about being messed up enough to do that. But i bet the sushi is great.

I've had many great and interesting adventures in Japan. I've fallen in lust with more than a few Japanese girls, I've swam to crazy islands in Okinawa, i've been to transvestite cabaret in red light Tokyo with drunk salarymen, ive done tea ceremony with my lost love, ive seen snow in Tokyo, and i've lived in capsule hotels, but the main thing with Japan is ZEN. Japan has to be the world capital of perfection. Perfect gardens, beautiful trees. Everything in its right place. Even mount Fuji is perfectly symetrical. It's also home to a different and more formal martial arts scene. More about Zen than actually fighting (which isn't much use if your in cardiff on a saturday night but still..)

One dream i have is to do the pilgrim trail, on one remote japanese island called Shikoku. You climb i beleive about 88 hills, and visit each temple. Then you still aren't a zen master. But youll definately lose your beer belly.

this is a really beautiful movie, i like especially the monkeys in the hot pools.

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