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Monday, 22 April 2013

Conspiracy Theories - Ignoramuses vs Weedheads

It’s the Masonic Reptile Jewish Chinese British Royal Family Rothchilds, of course!

The world seems awash with conspiracies these days, some zany, some so blatantly obvious that my great auntie Edna can see them (if I had a great auntie Edna, that is)

But what the weed-smoking Ron Paul quoting paranoid bloggers seem to miss out on is that, this has always been the case. There has always been ‘the man’ to stick it to, who controls it all behind the scenes – the world wouldn't be the world if it didn't. If it wasn’t our dear old Jesus Christ exposing the corruption behind the scenes back in the day, it was Robin Hood, or the East India Company, the Spanish Inquisition, and so on and so on before you can say Rothschild Controlled Central Bank we're right up to Kennedy's death and Boston bombings...

Ok, you say but why?

Lets look at this rationally, and ideally without needing to quote David Ike books  – Firstly what about the various strange things happening this last year in USA - why would we be surprised about false flag attacks?

If I...

1.     Was very powerful.
2.     Was a Sociopath.
3.     Wanted to push public opinion in one way or another…i.e. I wanted to attack a vulnerable muslim country that, although no Americans knew where it was, had a lot of oil which I could benefit from greatly by getting it out the ground.
4.     Didn’t really have a moral reason to do this, i.e. it wasn’t a very nice thing to do but it would make me and my pals a lot of money.

Well, what would I do?

1.     On the longer term, I’d corral extremists into groups that my friends had controlled and infiltrated, and call them names that seemed very Jihadist, like Al Qeda or We Hate Whitey or something like that (yes I just made that one up)
2.     I’d have an ex CIA operative lead them, and covertly help spread the message, so that the whole movement ‘against’ my gang/country, would be covertly controlled, so that no really important targets were ever hit.
3.     I’d let them get the odd ‘success’ so there would be no suspicion about the fact that I control them. Since we can control these groups, we can also encourage them to do things that are not exactly in their interest. Most members of these groups are not geniuses, which helps a lot. For example, there could be an event that would give them lots of publicity, and would make them happy – maybe bombing a big building or something like that. While they generally love this attention, actually this would very much work against them from a PR perspective.
4.     These events would push the (disappointingly ignorant) public into thinking that a. these brown/right wing/muslim/gun owning/(whoever I have a reason to take something from) people are ‘evil’ (doh!) and b. It’s ok to occupy and destabilize their countries/regions and take their oil/guns/whatever to protect ourselves from any other ‘terrorist threats’.

Voila! So basically I’ve

a. Got my 'evil' enemies to become enemies of the people, therefor I have the moral higher ground.
b. Got a carte blanche to take what I want from this 'axis of evil' (hehe i always laugh at this phrase)
c. Am able to use taxpayers money to make my military spending off the scale in order to make a private security force for my cronies, and/or scare the public senseless with Hollywood style OTT SWAT team lockdowns of whole neighbourhoods looking for people who are, in theory innocent until proven guilty (or just killed so no questions can be asked)
d. Completely isolated and destroyed these poor brown peoples hopes and dreams, turning them into embittered husks who spend their whole lives hating USA, but they are too miserable/poor to do anything about it. Ever.
e. So basically I win. And my croneys win. We make lots of money. Ok the taxpayer loses out since he/she pays for the wars, sure. And of course we get to control those taxpayers a lot more because of our 'war on terror' just in case they get wise to it, sure. No bad things huh? And a few thousand soldiers get killed defending our oil. And a lot of innocent people get killed - mostly brown and poor in countries Americans don't know nor care about and so who don't count in their eyes, but sometimes whiteys too. But its fine, all for the greater cause.

I mean this isn’t rocket science surely? I don’t have any particular opinion pro or against this action, I’m just pointing out the obvious…but believe you me (and I don't think most WSCT (weed smoking conspiracy theorists) think much about the fact that US isn't the only country doing this - thankfully its a worldwide phenomenon, and always has been, and always will be with us. So stop wasting your time trolling everyone with conspiracy theories, you can't do anything about them, I'm afraid. 


  1. You think way too highly of the US government's competence and abilities.

    Even when they try to execute a plan (capture Osama), it does not go off flawlessly (one helicopter crashed). How are they able to execute on more complicated plans suggested in your conspiracy theories?

  2. A fair point - although I wouldn't even say it was necessarily the Government even - mind you, the reason i believe in some of the various Cons. theories is more because of the 'powers that be' complete lack of ability to debunk the theories and their rough and ready and pretty awful attempts at cover ups, rather than the often spurious youtube evidence that conspiracy theorists love to put out there as the 'truth'.

    My point really is that, whether true, untrue or partly true, it doesn't really matter because 'the man' will always exist, either for real or as a bogeyman for certain people, and no matter how many you uncover and how many get debunked, you can sure that every major 'thing' that'll happen in USA in the next wee while will have hordes of both 'ignoramuses' and 'weedheads' convinced either CNN/Fox is, in fact, factually correct or that they are part of a vast plot to enslave the human race.

  3. Hi Alan, I think we can do something to hinder "the man". Non compliance helps. No filling in census, no watching or reacting to mainstream news (or MTV!!), no sharing hate spam on facebook, no supporting wars or occupations however they are dressed up, no accepting bogeymen or dictators based on other say so. Etc.

    The main thing is not to become a platform of self perpetuating fearmongering, hate filled sheep that most unknowingly become. I think I could draw up a list for the WSCT if you like!

  4. right..awaiting the list!

    I love this summary from Noam Chomsky -