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Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Age of Aquarius - Characters

Introducing the main characters of the story  - take a bow please....

Billy Stark - The main protaganist enters our world on a bad note. An opportunistic gun for hire, he collects debts on quiet days, and has been hired to infiltrate the 'Freelanders' with the aim of destroying the group. The story is his story.

Lily 'Lilith' Merideth' - Billy Starks first contact with the ruling cabal which gives him all his work. She runs the media businesses owned by Lord Michael Morgan and has high aspirations for herself.

Dick Goldstein - The spin doctor and right hand man of the Maitreya. An unrepentant sociopath.

Lord Michael Morgan - The charming urbane old fox in control of the world of international media and business.

Seth Morgan - His irresponsible whisky drinking son.

The Maitreya (World Teacher) - The 'antichrist'. The messiah of the New World Church, which is a manufactured religion run by the world government, in order to control the population. His teachings sound superficially attractive but ultimately enslave humanity.

Ahh...'so many bad guys!' I hear you say...but don't worry, they are not alone....

David French - The British leader of the 'Freelanders' - the tiny group who stands against the oppression.

Markus Thorsten - A german slaver and businessman, based in Iquitos, who's interests are aligned with the Freelanders.

Enoch Petersen - The 'Freelanders' leader and prophet, based in a remote location, who Stark must find at the start of the story. A truly enlightened human being.

Yuki Fukoka - A clean cut 'freelander' member who befriends Stark.

Ok, now you have an idea of who's who, and perhaps even picked out a favourite (lets hope he/she won't suffer a gruesome death someway through!) 

Next i'll go through a few of the themes in the story, including Cannibalism, Conspiracy Theories, media Control and Post future dystopias, Ayahausca and its use, Religion and the Antichrist in modern times, Slavery and Voluntary a lot of fun to cover...

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