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Monday, 22 February 2010

Cafe Moscva RIP

Well, it's still minus 10 here and as its permanently snowing, not much hope of any green grass in the next few months. I'll take some photos over the next few days,(these ones are a few weeks old) there are mountians of snow at the side of the roads, and massive snow sculptures in all the parks for children to play in/on. Quite beautiful, and really, Spring and Summer arent really required (although those who have been here for Jaanipaev(midsummer party) or men who visited the beach in summer may disagree)

Today i went to go for lunch at a Tallinn institution, Cafe Moscva (now called Kultus for tax reasons) but i found out on arriving that its gone bankrupt. I've come to the realistation that the economy in this part of the world isnt recovering any time soon (except for some reason the girls remain as always wonderful, smiling, juicy, and everything else that cheers up a man with a high libido in wintertime, in fact even more so) but that notwithstanding, it could be time for another long roadtrip.


  1. According to their website, they're closed for renovation and will re-open in March.

  2. hm thats what happened when pegasus went bankrupt. i think theyve been renovated 4 times since ive been here. sounds like a change of ownership then.