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Sunday, 31 January 2010


I gulped. How much do i love her? i thought to myself. Maybe she is happy? No i couldnt. There wasnt anything else for it. My life would be over without X by my side. i supposed at the time i thought i couldnt replace her in all the world. 'Markus, i must go there and find her. Will you at least help me prepare? do i need some men? should i go alone? Where can i buy a gun? knives? rope? Where is their hideout? My mind was conjuring up some big Goblinlike caves and torches and Indiana jones style skulls everywhere...if only i knew then what i know now....

'Y' Markus put his hand on my shoulder. Weapons you can buy anywhere here in Merida. We supply the drug lords here, the rebellion in the west, the mining companies, you name it. This is Venezuala, Y. But please reconsider. i will have a think what i can do to help you prepare, and meet you tomorrow at noon at the ice cream shop in the plaza. If you change your mind, which i recommend, please, lets have a beer, call the police, and at least we did our best for her family. If you want to go ahead. I will have some things prepared that will help you.

I still wasnt sure. The odds were crazy. Even if i got to her, maybe shed been brainwashed already. The only thing for it was to rest, have some food and a beer and sleep on it. i hit the local steakhouse, and sank a few Polars. The bar next door was an easy next step, as the demons were already on my shoulder about what to do. It was a pretty bare affair but there were a few people around, mostly rough looking wife beating kinda guys, and the furniture looked like itd seen a few scraps in its time. The barman looked quite normal, unusually for up here, so i ventured to ask him about the 'Roja'

'Meester, you shouldnt come here and ask about thees things' he looked genuinely scared. One weasely face looked hard at me from a few stools along. I realised, like stamp collecting or penis size, talking in public about it was a bad idea. A beer later weasel man came sloping across to my stool. He looked at me like i was a giant tortilla that he wanted to eat and was wondering how to begin. 'your woman is already dead' he licked his lips and walked out.
shaken, not stirred, but resolved, i decided to follow him.

he walked round the corner, his bell bottoms looking slightly silly, and as he turned to go into a street cafe, he saw me. As he walked towards me with the gun pointed straight at me i could see his evil eyes glinting off the artificial light. Quick as a flash it all went off. He was near enough for me to use my crack martial arts training and give him a quick Glasgow kiss - smack on his nose. He was in shock. A quick couple of extra jabs and an uppercut, and he was bent double, the gun on the ground. I kicked it away, then picked it up. I was off....

At least it had made up my mind. No Latino Pussy was going too worship my girl and kill her, they were crap.

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