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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Tallinn new year, Beautiful with nightmares

For new year, i was back in Tallinn, i think the best weather new year i've ever been on. Gentle snow, pretty girls, and lots of drunk people. Happy new year! here is Anneli, the Norwegians, me making faces as usual, and Anna.

I'm just now seeing the true nature of this Ayhuasca and Shamanic dieting. At Hogmany (new years eve) I accidentally took a drink of alcohol (some mint drink that i didnt know had it) Even though im not supposed to drink for 2 weeks more, i got a pretty horrific and sudden nightmare, where all these folk in my apartment turned up suddenly and were trying to get inside me. I felt i was awake but my shouts werent heard and i couldnt move. Pretty interesting (read terrifying) Then as suddenly as it came it went away, i woke up in a sweat and feeling a bit daft. Was it connected to breaking the diet to soon? or do i watch too many horror movies and have too good an imagination? Well dear reader, please try 9 days of seance summoning spirits and shamanic crap and drink alcohol and see what happens, as i have no idea to be honest. Do any Blue Morpho/Ayhuasca veterans have any advice on this? I dont think ill drink just in case til the 14th. Or sleep.

My lovely lodger Anna moved out today to her own place, so it's my first night here in my creaky old place next to the monastry in Tallinn, alone. Just in case i dont get any horrific dreams, tonight. i watched 'Paranormal activities' earlier - billed as 'the scariest film ever' about poltergiests and possession. the audience in the trailer look scared but it was pretty not scary if you ask me, except the fact that actually now knowing for sure that this stuff actually exists and really happens to some unlucky people, would in theory make it frightening. I understand there are two films so maybe i saw the unscary one. Anyway, i think i will only be concerned if i hear my piano playing in the middle of the night.

Its good to be home for a few days. Not least the weather is perfect, i understand tonight was a record for snowfall here ( ), its been snowing gently pretty much ever since i ame back. And tonight Ruth thought it would be funny to fall into it getting covered in snow. I personally think this is only good after Sauna when it's minus 10. For those of you who live in warm countries, this isnt so cold, its not uncomfortable, it's probably when it gets to minus 20 under it gets a bit annoying.

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