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Sunday, 24 January 2010


Was it some kind of joke? No, surely not. Well i wouldnt put it past her as she knew i was nervous. But all her things were still here. I checked her bag. Passport, money, everything still here. hard not to be angry, i stormed down to reception. Ok where is la bamba, and who is Jose? The slimeball squealed but didnt know anything. $100 later I tracked down 'Jose' drinking coffee in some greasy local hangout on Gran Sabado. 'Ey mista gringo! Mista rich man, como estas?' Jose was the pock marked guy from last night who was arguing with the barman. 'Where is she' I looked him straight in the eye so he knew i meant business. 'She is gone senor' I am sorry. GONE WHERE?! I shouted at him, accidentally spitting some of last nights alcohol, a small gob landing on his moutstache. 'Cool it' i thought and composed myself. Better to play the game to get the result. 'I am sorry Senor, she is gone from this town' She gone with some very bad men. But they pay you no? they paid me yes. But i want her back all the same. 'Where did she go? how do i find her? 'ahh Senor, she gone to a secret place. i dont know. All i know is the men - they want her red hair no? They pay good money for the red hair, so they take the laydee no? i am Jose, I am a small guy, there are many bad man in this city Senor, what can i do?

the story of x...

i came to in the back of a cargo plane. 'Y?' what the hell? how did this happen? One minute im dancing with my new freinds...damn they must have spiked my drink. What will y think now But where did he go last night? My hands arent tied at least. Im on a rough pile of cushions. There is some noise at the front. The door opened and a greasy pochmarked moustache with flares, cowboy boots and a mexican looking hat came out. 'Ah..mi rio tinto' you are awake. The stranger smiled and addressed me like he knew me well. Im glad i found you, you are very special im my countree' he continued like i was an old freind...'who the hell are you?' I tried not to look frightened.
'Ah forgive my bad manners, let me introduce myself. I am Bolivar. We became familiar last night but i think you dont remember. He said with a nauseatiing smile and a shifty look. Oh my God, he didnt...' Damn you' I slapped him hard across his weasely bearded face. Thanks God i cant remember anything.
'Miss tinto miss tinto..nothing bad happened, you werent touched, i assure you. You will know why in due course. I will be nice to you if you if you are nice to me. Remember i am your only freind here. Many of the others will not be good to you. Be careful. Now. He took his pistol out The tone turned more serious. Sitty your preety leetle ass down and no more squealing. We land in 30 minutes, eets why i come to you. Be ready....' he leered at me and turned back into the cabin. The door clicked shut...locked...

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