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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Lucky Day , Estonia.

This morning realised that after i dived into the deep snow id lost my only working bank card, two hours before leaving for 3 days. I then checked my flight from Dublin to Riga and and i'd booked the wrong date. So i drove to Parnu in the heavy snow and my Jaguars brakes didnt work so i skitted 30metres at 10km per hour and crashed into the car in front. The great thing about having a bad day is that when you tell anyone about it, it cheers them up because their day was probably quite dull really.

Well ive ended up again at the home of the lovely hidden Gems of Parnu and the real reason most people visit this summer capital of Estonia(yes its Helen and Birgita again) They taught me some Estonian (Ma tapan su tomatipea !! - i'll kill you potato head!) and so ill go to bed happy

i've taken up poetry. Im specialising in deep and meaningful poems, future classics with meaning that will span the centuries, like...

There was a girl her name was Birgita,
She decided one day to go to theatre.
She took her freind Helen, who dressed as a Melon,
So everyone decided to eat her.

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