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Monday, 28 June 2010

We must stop this Estonian World Domination Threat!

Some people are have bizzare notions that Jews or Chinese or Masons secretly control the world. What the hell are these guys talking about? All the time, behind our backs, and in our midst, there is another more sinister group pulling the strings.
SPUD operatives undercover, yesterday

Here was us looking at Davos meetings and who was in the Council on Foreign Relations and all the time the Estonians are secretly running the world from their free wifi locations in south Estonia.

I should have known beforehand - all through history we've seen Estonian World Dominators, out there in the open, operating under our noses -

We can trace this history from hundreds of years ago, as one the worlds Potato Emperor began his ascent..famously quoting

'Give me control of the countries potatoes and i care not who makes the laws' Nathanial de Kartulipead 1803 (on holiday in London)

to present day, dim but ambitious frontman for the Estonian Slavemasters -

“Don't worry about American pressure on Estonia, we, the Estonian people control America, and the Americans know it.” Ariel Saavisaar 2006 (on holiday in Tel Aviv)

I managed to infiltrate the groups headquarters last weekend, where they were holding their infamous all night 'Jaanipaev' rally. Jaanipaev' literally translates as 'Death and Enslavement to all non Estonians. Hail the mighty Fatherland. Hail the mighty Potato' . The group has been actively promoting Estonias role in enslaving the peoples of the world, while hoarding world potato crops and keeping their own country debt free. It's no wonder that those Estonian men who went bankrupt in the crisis were total fools and were known as 'potato heads' - part of their code, these were actually top agents being made 'sacrifical lambs' by the top brass in the bunkers of Otepaa to pretend that they too were suffering. You think its a coincidence that beautiful Baltic blondes round the world are marrying rich men?! Think again! These are all actually top secret agents employed by Estonias crack 'Section Promoting Undercover Directives' or SPUD for short, in order to bring these men to Estonia to spend all their money, or to divorce them and take the money. Why else is the Old Town,Tallinn full of hot rich divorcess with British Accents?!
Estonians look on as they burn people with brown eyes at the stake

The main training ground for the girls who wish to be future cougars, I can reveal is Suur Kaire Street in Old Town, Tallinn, where the ever growing junior volunteer force practice in seducing men who are far too old for them, in order to experience cynicism and a soulless loveless life at a young age. All this sacrifice for their fatherland is very commendable from the Estonian World Domination point of view, and these girls are usually rewarded with jobs in the catering industry round the world to hone their skills further and 'catch the rich guy' to draw back the money to dear Eesti.
Seductresses at work

So next time a beautiful girl tells you 'you have eyes like the baltic sea', just be careful and watch your pockets. In fact, better just run - though drop her my phone number so i can follow up the case.

So how to spot them? How to defeat this tyranny of beauty?

Well the most obvious sign is the blue eyes. If you want to put a halt to this world enslavement process, then join my lead and boycott all businesses that employ blue eyed or blonde people. Or good looking girls (probably volunteers for SPUD). Or really ugly charmless bald Estonian guys (probably SPUD operatives) Avoid Pretty women at all costs. Focus on finding a girfriend with a good sense of humour, and a father, as she almost certainly will not be Estonian. Girls? I think you arent in any danger, unless you have been abused at a young age and have a thing for ugly bald guys.

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