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Saturday, 19 June 2010

How we can cure Feminism

Feminism in some countries has basically turned men into shivering wrecks. The poor lost little boys dont know what they should do, should he pay for dinner, should he ask her to iron his shirts? should he be the 'man' in the relationship instead of asking her what she thinks all the time? The answer is yes all round but it seems that in UK and the West these blithering insecure and pathetic wretches dont have a clue when they meet a real hotty (which is fine as all the more choices for me) but still, here is my prognosis on the problem and what i think is a solution for these poor buggers, so they arent resigned to a life of taking abuse from fat chicks and taking nervous breakdowns.

One response in US to this 'crisis of confidence' was the phenonomenon of 'pick up artists'

Lets first look at the pros and cons of learning the skills of a 'pick up artist'


1. You can sleep with lots of shallow damaged or ugly women
2. Your confidence increases
3. You become popular with women, especially shallow damaged or ugly women

Cons -

1. You end up sleeping with girls who you dont really like (which is ok guys, really it is, just dont do it all the time)
2. You become shallow and empty and possibly obsessed with the new challenges brought forth
3. You find it difficult when a girl who you actually like comes along, and end up treating her like a 'conquest'
4. You turn into a total dickwad

One thing i noticed though here, is that, people who are into 'pickup' do tend to be guys who didnt get any action when they were younger, ie ugly guys, so they turned to 'self development' to solve this. BUT the key thing is that even with all these skills they DONT GET GOOD LOOKING/NORMAL GIRLS, unless they are themselves good looking and normal.

My conclusion? 'pickup' in the American style, only allows men the confidence to get the girls who they should be getting anyway. However on the plus side, at least they can do it with confidence, and they have thus conquered feminism -

But the issue facing men today is - with feminism ruining their confidence and attempting to smudge their definition of what it is to be a man, what are the alternatives to learning 'pickup'? For the 80% of guys, who lack confidence, who are needy and boring and geeky, who are ugly, the above pros of learning 'how to pickup chicks' outnumber the cons convincingly, and may seem the only option apart from a $200 a day coke habit.

So as any average girl in US will tell you, the country has been now invaded by 'ubergeeks' with stupid hats, bracelets and all these 'pickup' knick nacks, and cheesy lines copied from 'pickup books'. Geeks have become 'pickup' Geeks so they are again failing in record numbers.

My opinon? Geeks, please just focus on programming and making cool games, and if you become successful, then an ugly girl will marry you. And thats good as we need ugly girls getting sex otherwise they turn into Hillary Clinton.


Well ok enough on pickup, lets look more at Feminism, and how we can cure it, or at least as i, a mere man understand it. Feminism address's womens complaints about men and our treatment of women, but not, it seems, in a language men understand.

Feminism after all (in my humble mans opinion) is simply a veiled cry of 'you guys, you need to be more masterful, and please be more manly, and direct us, and treat us with respect, please sleep with the ugly women too and tell them they are pretty otherwise well get bitter at you'

So, fellow men, let me make it clear to you all - while the basic tenets of 'pickup' are true - women (like men) do not want equal rights, they dont want to be asked what they want to do all the time, they do like to laugh - The basic and biologically correct traits of a man - masterful confidence, Humour, and Good Grooming are attractive to women and always will be.

Armed with these and a good dose of Romance - being masterful, allowing the girl to be secure and flower as the beautiful girl she really is (even if she isn't really) then you can bring out the best in your girl, she will love you for it, and BAM, like a large shit that has been sitting blocking the toilet for ages, all that feminism is totally flushed out, and the bathroom smells nice again (i just added that in case any girls were reading)

So, to conclude, here is an easy flowchart

1. Ugly geeky guy? - do 'pickup', sleep with lots of ugly women to stop them complaining, and then marry one of them and focus on making good computer games.

2. Normal guy? - do 'romance' because its more fun and makes a beautiful girl more beautiful.

And there we have it, if all guys followed 1 or 2, we'd have no feminism!


  1. ps - this all assumes that mens whole lives revolve around 'spreading seed' to the woman/women with the best genes. Which i happen to think is true and drives all mens urges (except gay men, im sure thats a whole new Phd topic)

  2. You obviously have no idea what feminism is or entails, and you seem to have only a marginal understanding of inter-person relationships.