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Friday, 11 June 2010

Unusual places to look for your future wife no 316 - prostitutes

Falling in love with a crack whore i think i can safely say isn't up there with 'wise decisions in history' but still...what about upmarket 'escorts' ?

I have a freind (who will remain anonymous) who seems to have aspirations to be a high class hooker, so to check this industry (and hopefully to put her off such a silly idea) we now have a plan to interview some ropy looking hookers, both in London and Estonia, to see how they 'tick'. And also some hot and upmarket ones, to tell the difference (ie truthfully that part is just so i can see if i can seduce them for free)

I'm pretty sure the answers to our interview questions to prossies are quite predictable, particularly for the crack whores (abused at a young age, drug addiction, in love with their pimp,bad relationships etc. etc.)

But what will be interesting will be how this compares with 'belle de jeur' or upmarket hookers. What drives them? Why would a smart and decent looking broad lie on her back for bald old fatties, for (lets be realistic) not a lot of money?

Well Belle de Jeur (aka Dr Brooke Magnanti) was (is) a smart phd research scientist

who simply realised that turning tricks was a good and easy way to pay the rent. But is that really true or is there more behind the story? To be honest shes a bit of a munter, so ive no idea why anyone would pay to shag her but, seemingly there are less fussy guys around than I, dear freinds.

Heres a typical story behind a girl who 'goes on the streets' to fund her and her lovely boyfreinds heroine habit. Look how releived he is when his love tells him shes going on the game again so he doesnt have to beg hehe. this space and if the results are interesting, then you'll soon find out.

More 'research' from our dear Belle de Jeur -

and for those interested in the fate of one-legged prositutes (wtf?!!),2933,409424,00.html

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