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Friday, 27 August 2010


Greek conman tryng to hid his face in Olumpa hotel, Tallinn
I had an interesting but disturbing situation recently, which i dont mind sharing, even though the fraudster may be reading this (but the more people who know about this the better!) After a very long story 2 years ago involving a team of Italian mafia fraudsters in Milan, a bag full of money, and some near death experiences (all of which is another long story) I found myself that this gang of fraudsters were a little bit pissed off at me (i think connected to me taking 1500 Euros from them) After a few months, i started getting phone calls from all over Europe from perplexed people saying that they just met with a dodgy looking geezer who said his name was ME, and had my passport and was selling real estate from my (legitamate) website, but they wanted to do the deal in some strange way involving cash (which is the 'sting' that they use - they want to make a forex transaction with sleight of hand where you lose all your money or get shot dead if you dont) Anyway, I understand one (quite silly) woman in Greece handed some money over to a guy in a hotel (really, who the hell does that?) and we got the police involved, who of course it being a real crime, were not remotely interested (it didnt involve speeding tickets you see)
Anyway, after changing passport and putting out warnings etc. for the banks, i didnt hear anything until yesterday, when by some lucky coincidence, one friend told me that a guy called him (thinking hes some random investor) saying he worked for me, and was selling real estate (from my legitimate website) and WAS IN TALLINN. So what an opportunity for a sting. The TV was interested, reporters interested, in fact everyone except those dozy cops were interested. i dont say anything more yet, but here is the main member of the gangs mugshot, above  - please circulate this post and if anyone has seen or heard of 3 sleazy Greek guys with fliers on real estate deals, pretending to work for me or any other real estate business, please let me know - THEY MAY STILL BE IN TALLINN, so if anyone has any details of where they stayed etc. it would be very good information.

And watch this space!


  1. Good luck Alan!

  2. if there's a sting involved count me in!

  3. I can't see shit on that photo. Do you have a better one? Or the dude's name?