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Friday, 20 August 2010

What Really happened in Venezuala - 2 - Los Llanos

Me and the guys and a 6m long Anaconda
One other interesting area of Venezuala is Los Llanos  - its in the south of the country and is difficult to get to, but despite sounding like a boring big wild piece of grassland, it was worth the trip. We got ourselves there anyway, and decided firstly to find a Giant Anaconda snake, as they hang out round here. So we saw a tail hanging out of the water for a metre or so, and thinking it was a reasonable size one, me and two local guys decided to swim across and inspect closer. It turned out to be the longest they had seen for a long time, (6m long!) so we got a rope round it and swam across the water back to the tourist group (of which i was ostensibly a member) When we got back, i found that the water was full of Piranhas. What a way to die! So we fished them and ate them - id say the best tasting fish ive ever eaten, full of flavour surprisingly. But just look at those teeth!!

Piranha fishing

Hungry Croc
There are loads of 'wild' kind of things to do around here, like horseriding and hunting crocodiles, and the food is all local and fresh and delicious. We even ate a large local guinea pig, which not surprisingly tasted like pork. English isnt spoken at all really, and the place doesnt really have towns as such, just isolated farms, so sorting accomodation is better done in Merida or Caracas via the inevitable tour guide hustlers that you meet there.

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