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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Holy Shit, you dont really exist !

Ok so everyones talking about this film 'shutter island 2' or sorry i think its called 'Inception', so it seems there is a big interest now in 'who are we' and 'what the hell am i doing here?'and possibly 'why do nice girls hate me?'

Ok on the first two - Personally i think these guys are only touching on the edges of the subject - the whole thing has already been worked out - how? Well firstly lets assume

1. That we are all, along with all objects in the visible universe made up vibrations. ie we dont really exist.

2. That our real existance therefor is not in this 'plane' of existance, but somewhere else.

Woooa hold on you might say, crazy stuff to assume but dont worry ill come onto these more later - just bear with me. Lets now think that what is the logical conclusion to come to if above are true? Well...heres the obvious ones.

1. Our souls truly are immortal, since we dont actually exist in this life, we exist somewhere else, or in fact many different places at once.

2. Time doesnt exist as we know it.

3. So no point in fearing death, failure, pestilence, or being turned down by that hot chick that works in the HR dept.

Ok. So can you imagine that everyone in the world knew this? That no one any longer feared death? well there would be some crazy suicides and wars sure, but also people would actually see the world in a much more positive perspective. Imagine that you didnt fear failure or rejection, becuase it doesnt actually matter? Well im pretty sure you would do ok.

This is the real Bible code guys, all our religions are telling us this but just asking us to believe it with blind faith, whereby in reality science is actually proving the whole thing.

This is a difficult subject to grasp, i know - the current search for the 'higgs bosum' is also at the heart of 'string theory' and its offshoots which is a whole quantum physics subject of its own, but ill try to explain the basics firstly behind the assumptions. Lets take a step back and stop trying to pretend we understand what i just said then....

On the assumpitons -

1. WE ARE ALL VIBRATIONS - String theory  is a quantum physics theory that is rather dull, but part of its basic idea is that atoms are like little 'strings' which vibrate at different frequencies and therefor take on different existences.
For example if you vibrated at a different frequency you would become a tomato. Or a higher frequency then you would have a different thought pattern from say someone with a lower frequency, who was a criminal. It also means that everything you see is also simple vibrations at different levels. This is the basis of the idea that you get 'good vibes' from a place for example. The most important part of this is that if you split an atom (subatomic particles are called electrons) then they have the same reaction, EVEN THOUGH THEY MAY BE AT THE OPPOSITE END OF THE UNIVERSE (See we all are the same person ) ie the theory is that was all part of the whole universe, if that makes sense)

2. WE DONT REALLY EXIST - Atoms only exist when conciously measured. Otherwise they dont seem to exist. Strangely enough this ties in with Shamanic teachings on Spirits - Spirits only exist when your concious mind visualises them. So in theory then they are as much of existance as you or I, who are simply vibrating  atoms which dont really exist if we arent conciously seeing them. This link gives you some interesting background on the main theories behind this -  objectiverealitydoesnt exist

To check the facts - im sure you want an easy read, so check  'The holographic universe' by Michael Talbot) or if you are even more lazy watch this little short movie -  howtoscareaquantumphysicist .

So there you have it guys. This is the true truth behind the universe and the next piece of knowledge which will, i suppose herald the next big wave in human development - remember you read (and misunderstood it!) here first!!!!

 ps be sure to read the additional info if its all too complicated, or if you want to get to sleep.
pss on the third 'why do nice girls hate me' question, its because you are a dick.


  1. Does it really matter whether you exist as lumps of "solid" molecules (the fairly traditional view) or as a 3D projection of a holographic simulation conducted on a higher plane?

    In the end the only reality that is actually meaningful to us is the one that we create in our own minds. Mainly this consists of our relationships, our dreams, and our view of the outside world and our place in it.

    If you subscribe to the traditional view of being made of atoms and molecules, then that's awesome, because every little piece that makes up your body was at some point part of something (or someone!) else, and will become a part of something (or someone!) else after you're gone.

    Not just that, but every atom of your body that is not hydrogen or helium was actually born inside a star that finally exploded in a supernova -- one of the most energetic events that can happen in our universe. Think about that. You're made of dead stars. Jesus might have died for your sins, but actual giant stars died to provide the materials for your body. And these materials are continuously recycled into other humans and their molecules will become parts of your body.

    If, on the other hand, you subscribe to the holographic universe theory and believe everything you see and feel to be a projection of a simulation happening on a surrounding membrane, then that implies that the same mechanics that eventually project into you, are also creating the world around you and we're all basically parts of the same simulation, experiencing itself.

    There's also the "one-electron universe" idea popularized by Richard Feynman. He made the argument that the universe we observe can be explained by just having a single electron travel back and forth through time and thus appear to make up the entirety of our existence.

    And then there's religion...

    My point is that there's unending beauty and transcendence in all of nature and its many explanations provided you dig deep enough. In the end what really matters to us, day to day, is the people around us, what we do, and whether what we do makes us happy.