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Friday, 2 April 2010

Packng for cheap and hot countries

There is almost no need to pack at all for cheap and hot countries. I've decided to do 'hand luggage only' for a month in Malaysia/Sumatra and see how that goes. Maybe i'll smell a bit but well so do the locals so at least im 'going ethnic'. All you need (apart from love and maybe wine) are 1. Speedos and swimming shorts (in case the speedos offend the locals) 2. Toilet bag with toothbrush soap and thats about it. 3. flip flops 4. Wind up lamp (in case of the inevitable powercuts/tsunamis/earthquakes etc) 5. diary and laptop (you dont need these i was just showing off) 6. stripey long trousers-either in case you meet hippies and want to fit in, or in my case, in case i get suburnt/mosquitoed and need something to cover my legs. 7. one long top (for same reasons) 8. 2 'pairs' of socks (just for show really, they dont need to match) 9. 1 pair of boxers/underpants (optional, remember smelling is part of the experience) 10. Goggles for swimming or if your famous, disguise. 11. 3 t-shirts 12. 3 books - 1 of each non fiction, fiction, and totally bizzare fiction. 13. I-pod And Bingo! you can now even fly Ryanair without having to unpack and repack 30 times at check-in for being over weight.

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  1. nice one! :)))it was my dream after carrying 2 suitcases of unworn clothes all around Europe this summer :)