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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Red Shirt Riot, Bangkok

Today was a great day. I think it was mainly because i was still drunk. I went to see the 'red shirts' protesting. I was kind of hoping for a riot, but although they did manage to close down parliment today, which was interesting, the whole thing was quite good natured. The guys were loving me, as their only 'farang' supporter, all the way from Scotland. As i got off the skytrain, a whole bunch of stalls were set up, selling every kind of red thing you can imagine.

I was wearing a blue shirt - i understand if your wearing a yellow shirt or a pink shirt, you are the enemy. Just like wearing a Celtic top in a Rangers pub, best avoided, so i stayed neutral. I did buy a bandana just to fit in a bit. Here are some photos of me with my t-shirt which says in Estonian - 'The guy on my right has a tiny penis' Luckily the people in the photos didnt know that, poor buggers.

By the way, it just occured to me that 'what?' in Thai sounds like 'i like' No wonder i think im so funny here.

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