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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Nobodies Cool in Vilnius

Did you ever hear about the cool Lithuanian? no? Well thats ok becuase, like unicorns they dont exist. But thats fine. Vilnius is a great city and quite happy with the fact that no one is cool. The upside of this is that you dont have to shave, you can wear your favourite jumper that has holes in it, and you can smell a bit funky (the strongest memory of any Vilnius dancefloor) and no one cares. I wish every city was like this. You dont have to worry about anything. Leave your toothbrush at home, hike around the beautiful old town, and check the Frank Zappa statue (there is no connection between Frank Zappa and Lithuania except there is for some reason a random statue of him in Vilnius)

I went to Vilnius this weekend just to get away from Tallinn and to see some pals. Seems all the foreigner freindly bars (Prospecto, Broadway, Pablo Latino for those of you who are interested) have no foreigners which is great. It's also the nearest 'card counting' city for Blackjack - one casino called Nautilus used to attract teams from all over the world, becuase it let you split or double aces after the split. So after one 'hit' from the pros too many it seems to have folded. However Grand Casino obliged me generously and paid for my trip this time.

Anyway heres a photo of Vilnius, one of me with Agne who for some reason looks like Jennifer Aniston here, and of Bill Pahl, who wont want me to tell everyone here that hes an undercover federal marshall, just like in Shutter Island.

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