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Monday, 1 March 2010

Full moon in Estonia

My last 24 hours

00.00hrs - saturday night/sunday morning. Exhausted after Fridays late night, definately having a quiet night. unshaved and exhausted, I'm convinced to go to 'Hell Hunt for 'one beer'. I start off there with Clint, via a nasty new russian party in Deja Vu (we last 3 minutes in there)

00.15hrs En route accosted by an good freind who just came back from Mexico. Who's body clock is in Mexican time and is bursting with energy.

06.00 hrs After 15 cups of coca tea, finally begin to go to bed.

11.00 hrs Have a strange dream that another freind (this freinds sister) calls my phone, and suddenly I'm in a frog costume making funny faces in front of a camera for some movie.

15.34 hrs realise that its not a dream.

17.00 hrs fall asleep and dream that im in a party with gorgeous Scottish Ballet dancers, and im the only straight guy at the party.

23.00 hrs realise its not a dream either.

00.00 hrs am not sure whether to sleep again.


  1. perfeitooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosto dessa vida
    A QUAL º BELLA º