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Friday, 5 March 2010


I keep seeing similar trends in every Expat community across the world. So heres a new series on expat trends.

1. Italians - Here in the Baltics, is every simple small village Italians dream. Beautiful girls who actually beleive you when you say 'bella bella' and 'you have eyes like the Baltic sea' (ok ok thats one of my favourites too) like naughty schoolboys they flock over here to find the impoverished Russian girl of their dreams and get them pregnant before you can say 'buy me Gucci handbag' This scene it seems gets played out in every city in every eastern bloc country, until the reputation of the Italians becomes such trash (or the country gets some self respect/economic growth) then they have to move on. Italians were almost wiped out in the crazy boom in Estonia, as the local Mareks and Indreks could afford to borrow all the money for a nice mercedes (now repossesed by the bank) but now in tough times, the Italians are back in town. Newspapers across rural Italy post articles on the new 'place' to go where horny Italian 'businessmen' are welcome (they always pretend they are businessmen or investors but theres only one type of deposit they want to make) i understand now Siberia is the new place (where Italian postmen still seem exotic and interesting)

I think however, the days of the Italian village waiters (posing as businessmen)are on the wane, as waves of the new mutation arrive - Turkish sex tourists. The reputation of the Turks are so bad that they actually pretend to be Italian. Who knows, maybe this will be goodbye Eastern Bloc sex tourism, hello Russian women demanding not to considered as playthings of Western men. But i somehow dont think so.


  1. Nice observation, congratulations! Is better to consider even your position when your car is the most attractive part of you!

  2. hehe thanks, you are too kind, dear anonymous. Can i have that Gucci handbag back?