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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Cabin Fever In Estonia

If i live in one place for more than a few months, I go crazy. 3 months winter here in Estonia is too much, so i'm off to vist my pal Richard in Bangkok then to stay in my apartment in Malaysia for a month. It has a swimming pool and is almost on the equator, but most importantly, its an easy hop to some paridise islands where i can surf and swim and get bored as hell and get cabin fever with the local cannibals. I understand Cannibilism was real up until a few years ago down there, so will be interesting to contact with some crazy headhunting tribes. Also there are Komodo Dragons. Now thats going to be fun.

The main thing is, shortly i will be alive again, not going crazy in the melancholy drunk party which is Tallinn.

On Thursday i'll go to the Circus and ill tell you all about it. I've been twice there, once in Glasgow for my 6th birthday party. I remember vaguely clowns, midgets and horses. And once in Las Vegas, where there were pretty amazing acrobats. So here's to the dancing bears!

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