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Saturday, 16 March 2013

St Patricks Day - Glad i'm Nowhere Near Any Plastic Paddies

I think the only thing more annoying than ugly couples kissing in public, is people in random countries with no connection at all to Ireland, 'celebrating' St Patricks day.

Can anyone explain this, apart from marketing genius from Guinness? Why doesn't Johnny Walker get everyone doing it on St Andrews day? Or Tetley Bitter do it for St Georges? Or on the Welsh one, St Davids, maybe they could find a beer brewed in Wales that anyone has heard of?

Anyway, greetings from Lima, Peru - It's my last day here so i'll go out now and buy some Llama jumpers...

An Ugly guy not Kissing, in Lima yesterday

You can't beat lunch at Larco Mar (Miraflores, Lima) Not a St Paddies day parade in sight

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