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Monday, 11 March 2013

First day of Spring, Buffalo

The first day of Spring finally came, here in Buffalo.

From snow every day, everyone wrapped up and perma-drunk to keep winter at bay, then suddenly out of the blue, the sun comes out, the snow melts, and the streets are literally crowded with runners and cyclists -  everyone's out in shorts n t-shirts, and I see a hundred beautiful girls in one day (as opposed to about zero all winter...)

More blighted slums of Buffalo (Frank Lloyd Wrights Darwin Martin House)

The day like this when you basically KNOW winter is finally over, puts some kind of doped up euphoric spell on the whole population of our hardy northern cities, it's the same in Estonia (not quite in Glasgow since we don't really get summer either) Everyone floats around, with a smile on their face, wishing goodwill to all men and feeling glad to be alive. Uni exams haven't quite started yet, the ski season has quite ended yet, and your skin feels kind of weird when it soaks up the light spring rays of sunshine...

Typical! - just a day before i leave for Peru....

Tomorrow i plan to check out the famous Darwin Martin House - a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright house in Buffalo (one of 5 remaining in the city)


  1. The spring feels the same in Norway... especially the surviving part :)

  2. Surviving life with $20vodka...tough!

    At least the sun will be shining in Lima!