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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ayahuasca - Pros and Cons

I just got back from the jungle, and am relaxing in Iquitos (if that is at all possible) Rather than tell you about my experience just yet, I thought i'd list some plus and minus points about taking this wonder medicine...


1. It is far and away the most revolting thing I've ever tasted.
2. It's best taken combined with bland food for all week, including no salt or sugar
3. You should take it with a Shaman, in the jungle, which of course isn't cheap.
4. The Shaman could well be dodgy, which isn't so good for your health. Or he could add things into the mix that aren't so good for you (like Toe)


1. You get to meet God.
2. It's good for you.

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