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Thursday, 17 November 2011

People I know in London

The funny thing about people in London is they hate to be pidgeonholed. They'd all like to tell you how London life is great, and how (see those facebook photos?!) they are partying all the time, and life is amazing.

This is not what its like. and they can 100% be pidgeonholed - so here we go....

1. They have money but no time (because they work 24/7 in mildly satisfying but fundamentally pointless job) They have no time to enjoy life because they are worrying about losing their job or becoming one of the riff-raff. DONT get into a conversation with these guys about house prices or school fees.

2. They have time but no money (because they have normal or genuinely satisfying jobs, or are students, neither of which can pay the bills in London, never mind going out.) The only social life most of these guys get is protesting against 1, above.

3. If they have time and money, the last place you would want to live in London, so they aren't there.

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