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Friday, 23 September 2011

Russianisms !

Russians, dontcha love them. The Latinos of the North, drinking and dying and divorcing their way to total self annihilation. Corruption that would make an African Dictator green with envy. A democratic system to rival that of North Korea.

Here in Estonia, they are generally thought of as amusing but very dangerous neighbours and infiltrators. Like a hungry rottweiler that lives in your back garden. So anyway, here are some interesting anecdotes i picked up (mostly from people who live in Rakvere, the front line)

 When a Russian man opens his mouth its part of his scheme to trick you out of all your money.
 When a Russian woman opens her mouth its part of her scheme to trick you out of all your money by marrying you.

 Russian men dress like gangsters and thugs, because they are gangsters and thugs
 Russian women dress like prostitutes because.....

 If your Russian wife hits you, its because she loves you.
 If your Russian husband hits you, its because he loves you.

The tragedy is all the above are true, but any additional 'Russianisms' are welcome

ps Of course these don't apply to Russian female freinds of mine. It does apply to men of course since i don't have any male Russian friends.

pss I would be willing to bet that some smart American reader has just thought that they could have a cheap shot at Russian peoples acceptance of dictatorship as thinly disguised democracy (my moneys on Putin!). But hush, you can't really criticise since you think that 'terrorists' blew up your twin towers despite obvious evidence of controlled demolition and so can't really be taken seriously in any argument. So shut up.

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