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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Syracuse. Home of average looking and slightly chubby girls.

Well well. Whats going on? I hear you ask. What exciting part of the world did you wake up in this morning?

Well, i'm afraid I woke up in Syracuse.

I don't know if any of you have been there (more likely passed through) but Syracuse is the New York State equivalent of Birmingham, UK.

No one enters (except for University, after which they leave) no one leaves. And everyone believes whatever rubbish the American mass media pours into their little minds, because nothing ever happens here, and nothing actually matters anyway because nothing is likely to change.

Maybe i'm just allergic to small towns.

The tragedy of it all is, i may end up living here one day.

Anyway, what else can i tell you about Syracuse. There are no really good museums or art galleries. There are no big or funky or interesting companies based here. It has a decidedly average shopping mall. There are no sports teams of note, except maybe the University American Football Team which wears Orange. The University itself is quite well renowned actually, and it full of Asians for some reason.

And at least students means drinking, so there is a little bar area, which I explored since i was here (Uni has just started back so it was busy) Hoping in vain that my Scottish drawl and devastatingly average looks would mean id be smothered by nubile 19 yr old cheerleaders, i was a bit disappointed to see that

1. All girls with pretty faces are fat
2. All the girls who look after their bodies are ugly.

The reason i'm writing this blog post is to confirm to myself that i haven't actually died and gone into some kind of impossible choice purgatory. Maybe you are right, friends, Estonia has spoiled me for the more real hell world which, consists of chubby boring and average looking women, and chubby boring men with no imagination or inspiration (would you be inspired if your woman was pasty and fat?)

Ok enough abuse about Syracuse. My real estate agent there is a good guy. And i spoke to a nice girl who works in the Zen Bhuddist centre too.

 But i had to just get it out there - Syracuse! Get some Ambition !

ps if you do happen to be in Syracuse and want to rent a dumpster, here is the link!!

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  1. Oh, how nice! I was just reading your Couchsurfing profile as I see you're in Buffalo and was wondering if I should invite you out for coffee, etc., as I've met a lot of great acquaintances through CS. You profile led me to this blog, and your criticism of overweight/ugly girls in the U.S. I think I'll pass........and I find it ironic that you're also interested in Bhuddism, yet have this mean-spirited outlook.