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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Why date pensioners?

I found a facebook group called 
'why older men are better' or something like that.

Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes


There's alot to be said for dating the more mature man:

1. They are more mature, therefore more interested in a relationship

2. They will have "hot younger girlfriend" and therefore won't be cheating on you with "hot younger girl"

3. More experience!!!

4. Will have stable job and therefore more money to spend on you!

5. Are probably more intelligent so will be able to hold a coherent conversation, and not bore you to death with talk about football or x-box

6. They are more likely to posess a car... and I don't mean a baked bean can on wheels, I mean like a porsche

7. Will not say "that was enjoyable", roll over and fall asleep after sex, they will probably talk or cuddle or both

8. Their life experiences means they will understand romance and will treat you like a lady... not like a cheap date

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