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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The End Days and Utopia

Walking along Stroomi beach in Tallinn, early Saturday night, I bumped into some pretty hot Jehovas Witnesses. When i realised that they didnt find my 'sex addiction' jokes very funny, i thought id discuss with them the idea that the Jesus story, along with a hell of a lot of the Bible (And the Koran) was copied from the Egyptian 'book of the dead' among other ancient stories (for example ) . This didnt help either, and i dont think they are coming round to visit any time soon. But they did tell me that we are now living in the end times, which got me thinking that actually they could be right, but not in the way that they thought.

As we all know Jehovas and many other religions argue that there will be a time, when God will gather up his faithful and they will all be saved and all us bad guys are swept to hell with plagues etc. etc. Most of them say this time is about now (theyve been saying that since pretty much the beginning of time)

Well that may or not be true - everyone talks about December 21st 2012 coming as the end of the world (no need for condoms then folks!)  Except that the main expert on this, Jecheria Sitchin beleives that its actually 2087, everyone miscalculated the Mayan calender. ( ) 

However he also thinks that our DNA is descended from alien DNA, and brings it all together in a great series of books. If you havent read any, start halfway through with 'the 12th planet'  (free copy here just buy the other ones to keep him in Bentleys). He considers that we descended from 'Gods' ie mortal but longlived and technologically advanced people who look like us (because they originally made us to work as their slaves), from Niburu, hence all the chat in the bible about the Nephiliim, fallen ones etc etc. (also meaning Lucifer)
However is does contradict with what our good freinds in Mali say, the Dogon people who said 3200 years ago that we are connected to dudes who came from a star that was only discovered recently near Sirius B, but thats a whole other story.

Anyway bear with me here - alien DNA aside - What most people seem to agree right now, is that the human race could be said to be largely in a 'decadent' phase right now

If you beleived in existentialism (i dont) and read Michel Houellebecq (read 'atomised' his most famous book )
then you would think that to take the human race and current social and economic trends to their logical conclusion, then

1. Communities will become be 'virtual'and actual interaction would recede with time.
2. This would include virtual dating which is pretty sad really
3. Organised religion will become 'outmoded' replacd by simple rationalism.
4. We would all end up like Japanese metrosexuals, sitting alone in tiny rooms, online, with no real life social skills, dying alone and yellow having given nothing of note to the world.
5. Except being European feminism would probably come in somewhere. Maybe they'll make us sit down on the toilet, as the ultimate humiliation to our manhood.

The fact is the life above is a loveless one. But if a generation of these people are running the world then the ultimate conclusion - the final step if you were, is to get rid of the pain and suffering of the human race, the love and the hate, the psycopaths, sociopaths, saints and sinners, and sanitise us via genetic coding and cloning, so we are born beautiful and healthy, and not in the womb. This is possible, and probably being done already although essentially we're creating a new species. Then we wouldnt need cuddles, we wouldnt feel the pain of the human race, we wouldnt suffer, we wouldnt love, we wouldnt care particularly of the pain and pleasure of others. We would be living shallow materialistic narcassistic lives - CUE 'end days guys saying 'told you so' ! And cue 2087 'end of the world' !

So basically come 2087, the human population will be split into

1. Godless drones/clones, who can replicate without mothers/fathers. Who are smart beautiful but shallow empty husks with no emotions or capiblity for true love or romance.
2. Religious people who think the end times are here, and are in camps with 'kool aid' at the ready (if Christian), Nukes strapped to their Burkas (if Muslim) or round a table plotting how to cash in on it (if Jewish)
3. People who beleive Aliens are about to come down and rescue them
4. You and I, thinking 'what the fuck?!'

Sitchin  (see the 'Lost book of Enki' from the Sumerian Legends  )  along with the Epic of Gilgamesh talks about how irresponsible Aliens, between sleeping around, nuked the earth and each other thousands of years ago and thats how Noahs ark came about, and actually we're pretty lucky to be here. He also tells of how we were created by these guys, as their slaves, and so we ended up worshipping these trigger and shag happy clowns as Gods, and that actually these 'Gods' are coming back to 'Rescue us' (since Enki, the Nephiliim who created us, liked us really and saved Noah and co) in...2087. So it is actually conceivable that these guys had a hand in writing whats in the Bible anyway. It also could be that the gravitational pull of 'Niburu' coming closer to earth will cause a whole bunch of natural disasters, like it did when the dinosaurs copped it or when Noah had to build his boat (see also Lost book of Enki - another book written before the Bible telling about Noah and so on)

So actually, we'll have a bunch of natural disasters coming, killing off the bulk of the human race, and a lucky few unreconstructed humans randomly surviving (the clones wouldnt be able to survive without free wifi i suppose) and either thinking it was God or it was Aliens (same thing if you listen to Sitchin and the Sumerians) that they are the chosen ones, chosen by God/Enki to inherit the earth...strange how history repeats itself.

But then it does beg the question, who really is God? Damned if i know but at least he has a sense of humour.

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