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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Granada first impressions - Pederasts and W*nkers on Motorbikes

Central Americans and peace and quiet are not things that go together.
Actually this happy group of pickpockets (being escorted to prison) is in Managua - they were at UCA bus station, be careful there!

However my hotel seems to have been taken over by middle aged gringo arseholes who think its funny to just sit on their motorbikes revving them up and making loud noises all night. Guys. You don't do that back home in Basingstoke, so don't do it here. Its not funny, really. Everyone just thinks you are a tosser. And as I sit here trying to hear myself think, Im wondering, is there a connection between this and the fact that this town is full of rangy old men who are into boy love?
Nice view from my hotel though - and at $16 great value (I'll write more on next post on this)

I took a walk up the quite saddening main drag here tonight. Annoyingly smug backpacker couples with their lonely planet Spanish language guide trying to order up some authentic fried corn and beans. Bespectacled German peados drinking beer and giving a little too much attention to the street kids. And large groups of white tourists spending money in Western owned Restaurants (there is even an Irish Bar..sigh..where the Irish owner tonight was shooing away the local kids who were putting on (a quite rubbish, too loud, and very annoying) show to make enough to eat.) Top this off with white hippies making and selling crappy beads (just to make sure locals get exactly zero income from the tourist industry here) and you have an extremely depressing first impression of Granada, Nicaragua. Well for me at least.

Its a good looking city though, loads of renovated and beautiful churches and old colonial buildings. But it seems to me that, unlike Leon or Estelli - the beauty is very skin deep.

Ok i will now abuse the next 50yr old Canadian who decides to sit outside and rev his harley davidson.

Maybe i'm wrong about this place and my criticism is based on me just not being such a big fan of random needless noise pollution. And its not all negative. For example, I did have fun tonight though with the word 'Pederast'. What a lovely sounding word. I always thought it sounded kind of Lord of the Ringsish, you know..Pederast the Green or something. Jodi assumed it was a spice. (just throw in a dash of Pederast, and voila!....)  but come to think of it the thought of these vile creatures having a funny name just depresses me more...oh well....lets see what tomorrow brings, I'll write more later....

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