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Friday, 20 January 2012

The Perfect Hostel

Ok, guys, now i would like to ask for some feedback.

since i've spent years living in them, I'm toying with the idea of setting up a Hostel in Nicaragua. I have an idea of the little things that make a perfect stay in a place, but what are they? And are my thoughts unique or do you guys have other ideas?

Anyway I was thinking about making a budget place, but with those easy to provide extras, you know?


1. Free Wi-Fi
2. Free Coffee
3. For even more budget people, a room with hammocks/space for sleeping bags
4. A small pool to chill at.
5. Bar/Cafe and central chill out area with plenty chairs.
6. Maybe put something in there like pool or table football.
7. Travel assistance so people can link up to the next place or book excursions.
8. Clean rooms.
9. Plenty showers so no big queues making you miss your bus.
10. Good looking staff (that may be difficult in Nicaragua but i'll do my best, and you will have yours truly of course!)
11. Discounts for long stays.
12. Earplugs for sale - dorms seem to attract snorers.
13. Early to bed dorms - i.e. so people who wan't peace and quiet at night get it.

Anyway, any thoughts on extra things that you would like to see in a budget hostel? Feel free to share this link as the more feedback i get the better!




  1. Thanks for all the emails guys!

  2. Hey:

    Clean is essential.
    Hot water is next.
    And if want to drag someone back for some fun in my private room...that's OK.
    Oh and no restrictions on what time I arrive back.