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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fish & Chips!! Glasgow

Well tonight is my last night in Glasgow, en route to warmer climes (Miami then Nicaragua) via colder climes (Toronto, Buffalo, and good old Detroit) So what better excuse to take an Estonian friend for her first 'Fish Supper' in the University Cafe, Byres Road, Glasgow.
Welcome to the land of deep fried sugar
Its so old school it doesn't even have a website. Also, strangely enough it has an outdoor toilet, i kid you not!

But the fish and chips are pretty good, nice and fresh and oozing with cholesterol. Fish and Chips, for you foreigners, is Haddock (Cod in rubbish places) deep fried in batter, and chips like those below. You put on salt and vinegar (or salt and 'sauce' (vinegar and brown sauce) in Edinburgh and the heathen east)
get yourself a cup of tea, and voila...  (i.e. its just like fish fry in USA, but nicer)

I will dream of this picture in Nicaragua

Anyway, the place itself is basic but had a lovely atmosphere. I don't think its changed since it opened in 1918, and the menu has all the student classics like 'cheese beano' and a million combinations of fry-up.

So if you were a real Scotsman, you would eat your fish and chips in your Kilt (with Irn Bru)
Actually I understand fish and chips was first brought to Britain by jewish immigrants to London, about a zillion years ago. And so we Brits kind of took it on, just like we did with curry, and made it our own (i mean British Cuisine needs bolstering where it can lets face it)

Do you recognise this famous film star in the Uni Cafe?
Anyway, now its time to pack - it is truly awful having to pack for minus 20 snow in Buffalo, to the tropics of Central America. But, dear reader, watch this space and i'll report on the truly shameful exploits that may or may not take place....

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