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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ayahuasca comes to Estonia

Is it just me, or has 'spiritualism' swept the western world ?

Some people might argue that it's just preparation for Dec 2012 when the world ends as we know it, but others, including me would say something like

'thats a lot of crap, made up by people playing flutes and wearing aqua, or with silly names like 'Storm' (like this girl) '  

Well, i haven't seen any actual Mayan experts saying anything bad about it, just a lot of ponytailed twats pontificating on youtube (like here )

Talking of which, Ayahuasca is again coming to Estonia this summer. Despite having no knowledge of the Equadorian Shaman, or indeed if it's a new age scam (it seems a bit dodgy to me) i think i'll do a 'top up' for one night, just to see how different it is to do it in Estonia, and not in a normal shamanic setting.

Probably this is similar to taking crack cocaine at a techno rave but hey..what the hell, it can only kill me...

I just watched an interesting film on the subject tonight, ( here ) which reminded me a lot about how lucky i was to do it with a decent bunch of shamans (blue morpho) who helped me birth my demons naturally, instead of using a backstreet abortionist like this guy seemed to.

Anyway, more on this later...its not until July the 1st, so i have a couple of weeks to continue enjoying the usual shallow pleasures,  before joining the real and nightmare world that exists inside all of us.

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